Dr. Charles Williamson

Dr. Charlie E. Williamson

author, public speaker, corporate strategist
educator, & growth coach


Chalie Williamson provided strategic, career and executive leadership advice to me over the past 10 years. His counsel changed my life and carrer trayectory, and I am beyond grateful for his services. He's the most gifted adviser and public speaker I've met, and I highly recommended him without reservation.
- Patrick Cohen, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, NPower Inc.

Charles has been my mentor and coach since 2004. He has supported me tremendously in guiding my professional and personal development in order to help me identify and follow my vocation. With some tough love and loyalty. I now see Charles as an older brother who I trust has my best interests at heart. Charles has inspired me to pursue my own entrepreneurial endeavors and provided me with sound advice not just from a business perspective but also an how to deal with emotional rollercoaster one faces while running your own businness. I truly value being able to learn from Charles and look forward to being able to cooperate with him on future endeavors.
- Dario Grassini, CPA | Founder and Managing Principal at Staffing Accountants (USA), and SA Professional Consulting (South Africa)

Charles has a talent of delivering complex subject matter with real life analogies and examples. He is able to articulate ideas and goals into actionable items, which can be adapted to an operational process or a personal development. He welcomes any audience with an humble understanding, actively listens, and constructs his responses in a manner comprehensible to all parties involed.
- Bojan

I was privileged work with Dr. Charles Williamson. His understanding on the Management and Strategy consulting domain have always been top notch. He is an excellent energetic publi speaker. Certainly one of the best Coach and Mentor to work with. He helped to shape me on what I am today!
- Bhupendra Raghuvanshi, Manager at Coginazant


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